You will need
  • - Floor plan of the building;
  • scanner;
  • - graphics program for your computer.
Plan evacuation needs to consider the floor plans of a specific building or structure. It is also necessary to provide the reliability, size and type of ways of evacuation of personnel. Don't forget to consider the specifics of human behavior in a critical situation, be sure to calculate the power flow of people and try to eliminate the possibility of crossing several routes.
Plan of evacuation to requirements of GOST R 12.2.143-2002 should include a graphical portion and a textual description. To create the graphic part you will need a floor plan of the building. If the total dimensions of the room are very large and exceed 1000 square feet, divide the plan into sections and create a separate scheme of evacuation for each of them.
Before you create an electronic version of the plan of evacuation, go around the room and carefully inspect it. You need to note the location of the main, spare and emergency exits, location of fire panels, fire alarm, phones. Mark on the plan the possibility of ventilation and means of anisodamine.
On the plan mark the number of people in the room constantly, and the average number of visitors if their presence is implied.
Go the intended route of evacuation from each room. Check all bottlenecks. Check the reliability and safety of stairs, railings. Make sure that the width of the passage is sufficient to move the maximum number of people. Please note that at the moment, people don't look at the feet, and hence the high thresholds or steep stairs can be dangerous.
Develop alternative options for the movement of people during a fire or emergency. Don't forget to take into account the outflows from the upper floors of buildings or basements.
It is most convenient to create a plan of evacuation in a graphics program. For this scan your paper diagram and move to bitmap. In the future, this document can be used as the basis for creating not only the scheme of evacuationand other plans.
Don't get carried away with detail and colour. Routes indicate a solid green line indicating the direction of travel, alternate routes – dotted line. Red highlight symbols. Don't forget to note on the drawing the location corresponding to the location your plan in the room.
Do not use the plan callout; signs designating fire fighting equipment or means of communication, must be indicated on the plan in their location. Marking symbols to decode the text entries in the drawing. The letters in the text part must have the same size. They also need to be large enough to make it easy to read. The recommended size of 8-15 mm.
The plan of evacuation, are located on floors or in sections must be rather large to read and be perceived visually. The optimal size 600x400 mm.
Approve the layout plan of evacuation, the inspector GPN.