Advice 1: How to treat dry throat

Dryness in the throat is one of the options of pain are at the diseases of the nasopharynx. To determine the exact cause of dryness can only be a doctor otolaryngologist after a thorough examination and study of clinical symptoms. But often a symptom of "dry throat" appears after acute respiratory illness, acute respiratory infections, sore throats, colds. Then help yourself you can and traditional medicines.
How to treat dry throat
You will need
  • - a humidifier or ionizer;
  • water, physiological saline, vegetable oil;
  • pharmacy turpentine, menthol oil;
  • - crude vegetable oil, onion;
  • - corn or olive oil, carrots.
During the heating season often has dry and sore throat the result of breathing dry air. Particularly susceptible to such problem children and the elderly. The result of excessive drying of the mucosa becomes increased sensitivity to infectious diseases. The easiest option is the establishment of a humidifier or ionizer, definitely in a dormitory.
Dryness in the throat leads to the formation of micro and infectious inflammations, especially in the autumn-winter period. To prevent the development of inflammation of the pharynx should use different ways of its moisture that will protect from drying out and easing the pain in the throat.
First and foremost, it is recommended to frequently drink water. Moisturizes mucous membrane of the pharynx saline was instilled into the nose several times a day and at night. Instillation of vegetable oil in the nasal passages protects against drying for a few hours.
Follow the advice of traditional medicine. An excellent remedy for dryness in the throat is the inhalation of vapors of turpentine. Pour into a mug liter of boiling water, add 5-7 ml pharmacy turpentine. Covered with a towel or blanket, breathe in the aromatic pairs of alternately breathing in the mouth - out through your nose, feeling the nose – exhale through the mouth. Procedures do at night for 10-14 days. In the daytime, you additionally 1-2 times daily instilled into the nasal passages at the drop of menthol oil.
Take 150 ml of unrefined sunflower oil, pour into the pan and heat to sizzle. Grind 100 grams of onion and place it in the hot oil. When the onions will be overcooked, cool and drain the oil into a jar. Gargle onion oil 2 times a day, typing in the mouth SIP funds. The course of treatment – 5-7 days.
Grate a carrot of medium size. In a pan heat 50 ml of olive or corn oil and place the carrots in the oil. Fry the carrots on low heat, the brighter the oil, the better. Cool slightly, drain the oil, and vegetable residue wring through double-layered cheesecloth and mix with the expressed oil. Bury to nasal passages 2-3 drops of the prepared means 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days.
If methods used are relief of symptom "dry throat" is not help, it is better still to go to a medical facility, not to miss development of serious diseases.

Advice 2 : How to treat sore throat

Everyone at least once in life, faced with such a problem as a sore throat. Most people in the cold season, suffers from cold, and they have a sore throat and hoarseness. But what to do if the sore throat becomes chronic? This you will learn in this article.
How to treat sore throat
You will need
  • Antibiotics (on prescription), warm tea with honey, extracts of medicinal herbs (calendula, chamomile, mother and stepmother, oak bark and sage), furatsilin, vitamins, warming means.
In winter the frequency of colds increases markedly. Of course, some of it bypasses, but, nevertheless, any of us knows what a sore throat. However, not everyone has this condition becomes chronic. If you Wake up every morning with sore throat and inability to speak normally, be wary - you could have tonsillitis, laryngitis or pharyngitis.
Tonsillitis is divided into chronic and acute. At acute tonsillitis refers to an ordinary sore throat which passes quickly in the appointment of inhalations, antibiotics, bed rest. Such angina are every third with hypothermia and ingestion of the pathogen in the nasopharynx. But what to do in case your tonsillitis is chronic?
Chronic tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils. This type of tonsillitis often occurs after a sore throat, the treatment of which is interrupted prematurely, re-OCR, difficult nasal breathing, sinusitis, and dental caries. Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis are lethargy, headache, sore throat and temperature is between 37 to 37.5 degree. However, some chronic tonsillitis is generally asymptomatic and unnoticed. However, at survey LOR-the doctor can see the inflammation of the tonsils. In this case, is assigned a lavage of tonsils pus, physiotherapy and inhalation. Treatment of chronic tonsillitis - conservative, including medication, inhalation and lavage of lacunas of almond. In addition, patients with chronic tonsillitis should be every morning to cool off, to toughen up and take your vitamins. During exacerbations of the disease should drink chamomile tea, brew sage and mother-and -stepmother.
If antibiotics and inhalers do not help, and angina are protracted resort to surgery to remove the tonsils. If the operation to be done on time, in a patient with tonsillitis may have complications on heart, vessels and kidneys.
Laryngitis - inflammation of the throat associated with colds or any infection. As tonsillitis, laryngitis can be acute and chronic. However, unlike tonsillitis, laryngitis is strong and hoarse, even loss of voice. Acute laryngitis occurs when you drink cold water or when stretching the vocal cords in Opera singers. Also laryngitis develops in smokers. If not treated acute laryngitis, it can become chronic. Treatment of acute laryngitis starts with a proper diet, limit spicy, salty food, cold and hot drinks. Prohibited the use of alcohol, tobacco. Treat laryngitis with warm milk, strong tea with lemon and sage. The doctor prescribes a cough medicine or a special tea. Feet during the period of illness must be warm. On the street in wet weather to come should not be. Working in hazardous industries should take sick leave. If acute laryngitis passed into the chronic, the areas of the mucous membrane of the throat cauterize with silver nitrate. In extreme cases, surgery may be needed.
Pharyngitis is a disease of viral etiology. Most of the pharyngitis is caused streptoccal and stafilokokkove affecting the larynx.
Symptoms of pharyngitis are sore throat, pain when swallowing and a strong cough. Chronic pharyngitis develops on the basis of diseases of internal organs, permanent respiratory diseases and sore throats. Same as laryngitis, pharyngitis is appointed plentiful drink warm tea and foot bath. In chronic forms of pharyngitis can rinse your throat with furatsilina, table salt, borax solution, and the mucous membrane is smeared with nitrate of silver, solution of collargol or Iodinol. Prescribed physical therapy, and drink infusions of medicinal herbs: sage, oak bark, chamomile and calendula.
The first step in treating any sore throat is daily gargling, warming the upper and lower extremities and drink hot tea with honey before sleep, taking antiseptic agents. You should also wrap up and dress for the night a head scarf.
Do not take antibiotics on their own without a doctor's prescription! Do not delay the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases - all this leads to serious complications. During exacerbations of the disease should stay in bed and not go outside (especially in the cold season).

Advice 3 : How to treat a sore throat in a child

Almost all children at least once complained of pain in the throat. Most often this occurs in the off-season and in winter. The infection causes swelling, redness of tissues, increases body temperature. Sore throat pain in addition to gives kid a lot of inconvenience, such as difficulty swallowing and sleep disorders.
How to treat a sore throat in a child
You will need
  • Soda;
  • - medicinal herbs;
  • - propolis;
  • - med.
Be sure to consult your doctor for professional advice. The doctor will examine you and prescribe treatment. Now in drugstores there are lots of resources to assist fevered child bottle: various lollipops with fruit flavours, lozenges, sprays. Timely treatment can prevent serious complications.
Teach your kid to gargle. If he already knows how to do it – great, because rinse gives a very good effect. Soda solution is the most simple: pour a teaspoon of baking soda with hot water, then cool to a comfortable temperature. Rinse with warm soda solution helps to thin the mucus and cleans the throat.
Prepare to gargle a decoction of herbs. Very good tool - a hot infusion of sage. To 1 Cup of water will need a teaspoon of sage. Bring infusion to a boil, and then cool to the desired temperature. Rinse other herbs: chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, eucalyptus. Good result gives propolis (a few drops of an alcoholic solution of propolis add half a Cup of warm water).
During the day, alternate means for rinsing, will impact on the disease from different angles. Make sure that the child gargle as often as possible, up to 6-10 times a day.
Children after three years you can take a hot foot bath. Put the baby on a chair, fill the basin with water temperature 37-38 degrees, let the child be lowered into the water legs, and you gently from time to time add into a basin of hot water. The duration of this procedure is 10-15 minutes. Then carefully wipe baby's feet and put on wool socks. Preferably after a foot bath the child soak for half an hour under a warm blanket. Important: this procedure is valid in the absence of the baby fever.
Useful advice
If sore throat is recommended plenty of warm drinks. If the child has no allergies, then cook him a warm milk with honey and also fruit drink a decoction of rose hips or tea with lemon. Meals let liquid or semi-liquid, because if sore throat little hard to swallow solid foods.

Advice 4 : How to treat lump in the throat

The feeling of a lump in the throat can appear for several reasons – a pathology of ENT-organs, reflux disease, stress, tumors, etc., Each disease requires differential diagnosis and special treatment.
The lump in my throat
The lump in her throat may occur if you choked. In cases where the throat remains a foreign body (fish bone, piece of food), in addition to feelings of discomfort appear increasing signs of swelling in the throat – the appearance of a lump, difficulty breathing, and sometimes suffocation. If you are choking and a likelihood of finding a foreign body in the throat or esophagus, you need to go to the hospital. The otolaryngologist will make the inspection of ENT-organs, upon detection of a bone or other object picks it up. If you suspect a foreign body in the esophagus is carried out fluoroscopy with contrast medium (barium). If the x-ray image confirms the presence of a foreign body in the esophagus, is an emergency fibroatheroma in which the extracted foreign objects.
The feeling of a lump in the throat can appear when you scratch in the throat or esophagus, i.e., choking on a bone, you can cause injury to the mucous membrane, but a foreign body on x-ray image is found. Such scratches do not require treatment and disappear on their own within 2-3 days.
Inflammatory diseases, polyps throat also cause a feeling of a lump appeared. In this case, for help you need to see a specialist – an otolaryngologist. This doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment and, if necessary, will conduct surgery for removal of adenoids, polyps, tumors.
Gastroezofagealny reflux causes inflammation of the esophagus, and in this regard, in the throat there is a feeling of discomfort, as if something interferes. Feeling of a lump can pass only with proper treatment of this disease. In the therapy of esophagitis include drugs that regulate the level of acidity in the stomach, suppressing excessive secretion of the glands. Sometimes reflux disease cause pathology associated with the violation of delchevalerie, then treatment requires a choleretic and other drugs. Only a doctor can carry out the necessary diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment gastroezofagealnam reflux.
Nervous shock and experiences often cause unpleasant feeling of something foreign in the throat and a feeling of chest tightness. Because of nerve irritation there is a change in innervation and distortion of sensitivity and also raises the spasm. In this case, treatment is required sedatives. To choose the right dose of sedatives may be a doctor, sometimes it requires treatment with psychotropic drugs under medical supervision.
Problems associated with dysfunction of the thyroid gland, also often cause a feeling of a lump in the throat. This requires total examination of this body (ultrasound, blood tests for hormones, etc.) and treatment with hormones or iodine-containing drugs.

Advice 5 : How to deal with dry mouth

Saliva contains digestive enzymes that promote better digestion, has antibacterial properties, protects the mouth from germs. But sometimes a little saliva starts to be produced and there is a dry mouth.
How to deal with dry mouth
Dry mouth contributes to a communicable disease, such as thrush, periodontitis, gingivitis. Also, the dryness can be a symptom of xerostomia syndrome ("dry mouth").

At the initial stage of xerostomia patients complain that itchy oral mucosa. If the dryness is not controlled, the symptoms worsen: the mucosa atrophies, blushes, there are cracks, the tongue becomes red and hard.

The dryness begins to be felt, and throat becomes hard to swallow, sounds Siplast. The sick person is constantly thirsty, it burns my tongue, my lips get chapped, there are difficulties when speaking or when eating, the oral cavity begins to stink in the nose becomes dry, do not feel the taste of food.

Causes of dry mouth

Xerostomia occurs for several reasons:

- if the person had surgery to remove the salivary glands;
- as a result of bad habits (nicotine and alcohol addiction);
- when the person breathes from the mouth, not the nose;
- injuries of the head or neck may be broken well-coordinated work of the nervous system in these parts of the body;
- when dehydration (if the patient is vomiting, burns, sweating, blood loss, diarrhea, high temperature);
- in therapeutic methods: if the patient has cancer and is undergoing radiation of the head or taking chemotherapy;
- presence of serious diseases: stroke, diabetes, anemia, AIDS, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, etc.
- after taking medicines.

If we talk about drugs, it manifests the reasons of dryness is not easy to establish, especially if the patient took several drugs. Cause dry can antidepressants, antivirals, painkillers, medicines against obesity and acne, diarrhea and other.

Treatment of dry mouth

If the mouth there was a feeling of bonding and adhesiveness, we can't wait, you must see a doctor. At the same time to increase the amount of fluids. The doctor after ascertaining the reasons will prescribe medication. Most often it is the drugs that restore the work to the mucosa and copious saliva.

If dryness appeared after medication, the treatment should start with banning drugs. You must try to find a similar product with similar properties.

To relieve symptoms, otolaryngologists suggest to install in rooms humidifiers, use of mouthwashes and fluorine-containing means, to treat dry mucous membranes of the mouth herbal teas. To do these procedures better, 3 times a day after meals. You should also constantly breathe through the nose, not the mouth. To improve salivation can also be dissolve in his mouth a Lollipop without sugar or chew gum and also sugar-free.

Advice 6 : How to treat a festering sore throat in a child 3 years

Purulent angina is very often diagnosed in children in the period of weakening of immunity. This disease is very tricky for a child due to complications, manifested if aftercare disease.
How to treat a festering sore throat in a child 3 years

The causes of the disease

The causative agents of this disease are streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, or adenoviruses. Being a long time in the body of the child, they might not be, but should your child get his feet wet and SuperCool, they immediately aktiviziruyutsya and begins the process of inflammation.

The infection is transmitted by airborne droplets and can get from a sick person, rarely say cases of transmission through toys and General items of use.


Symptoms of infection manifest themselves pretty quickly. First it starts with chills and fever up to 40oC, then one of the following symptoms:
- weakness and lethargy;
- aching joints;
- headache;
- dryness and tickling in the throat;
- enlarged tonsils and soreness of the neck and lymph nodes;
- unpleasant sensations in the mouth, loss of appetite and grayish-white coating on the tongue;
- the appearance of the tonsils a white-yellow plaque;
- increased heart rate and respiration.

There are cases when the disease is fever, but then you need to take seriously the treatment.

Treatment of purulent angina

First, you need to provide the child with bed rest. At high temperature it is necessary to give as much fluid as possible: a decoction of chamomile, rose. The drink must be warm so as not to irritate the throat.

All the food is desirable to grind into a puree, to make it easier to swallow it. You can cook the chicken broth and give it to the child during the day.

When purulent tonsillitis doctors must prescribe antibiotics to prevent serious complications. As a rule, these drugs are: "Biseptol" and "Ampix". The drug is taken within 10 days, regardless of have a fever or not.

Together with antibiotics prescribe antihistamines: Suprastin, "Tavegil", "Fenkarol", "claritin". They enhance the action of antibiotics and reduce the likelihood of allergies. Agents assigned individually in consultation with a specialist.

Very useful for sore throat gargle as often as possible, ideally once per hour. Rinse used a decoction of chamomile and calendula. Can be diluted in a glass of water one teaspoon of salt and soda.

Also you need to lubricate the tonsils of a child with a solution of "solution" with glycerin. There is no need to "rip off" the RAID, not to deliver the child as an inconvenience. Treatment should be taken very seriously and responsibly to prevent negative consequences.
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