If you buy a bikeand not 14 days have passed safely carry the product to the store. Under current law, the buyer is entitled to return the money within a specified period of time. The return of goods of good quality are as follows: does not come in packaging, size, colour, dimensions, form, etc. When contacting the seller be sure to name the basis of your decisions, otherwise you risk getting a legitimate failure.
When you return the bike to the shop make sure it is retained marketable, factory labels, seals, consumer properties. Also prepare a document confirming the purchase, for example, cash or sales receipt. Note: to obtain a refund for the goods and in the absence of a paid check, based on the testimony.
To return the bike to the store and get their money back, know that the seller is entitled to offer to exchange it for similar goods under article 25 paragraph 2 of the law "On protection of consumer rights". Take the money you can only in case at the time of treatment it is missing. Thus, if the Bicycle does not suit you in size, dimensions or color, the seller has the right to offer a similar product of a different configuration.
Make their request in writing stating the claim when you return the bike to the shop. If the subject of the proper quality, the seller is obliged to grant you your request within 3 days. If at the time of treatment administration is not ready to pay due amount of money, fix the fact of transfer of goods act. Specify the date, reason for return, name, initials and position of the person, to whom was referred the subject. The administration needs to sign the document of transfer. Keep it until the relevant payment amount.