Decide for yourself, what would you like to be. Remember specific people are free and liberated, which can be an example for you to follow. Note how they behave, how they talk. At the same time, try to identify examples of insecure behavior from others.
Swipe this experiment. When you start up a lively conversation in some companies deliberately refrain from participating in it and instead pay attention to how people behave, what they say, what error do and how to react to this conversation. This will help you imagine yourself in this situation.
Constantly analyze their behavior in unusual situations. Only ought not really to blame and criticize. Criticism should be constructive.
Do not avoid communication and do not be afraid that you do not understand. You can even tell the interviewees that you are a little closed – probably will help to overcome the psychological barrier in communication and to gain confidence in yourself.
Remember that you, like everyone else, are not perfect and can make mistakes, accept the fact that something might not happen. But it's not a disaster. Think that after some time this will seem funny.
Do not overestimate the importance of other people's opinions and do not consider themselves the center of the universe, all of which are constantly think. In fact, in addition to loved ones no one cares about your little mistakes.
To learn how to behave with ease, communicate more with people and enjoy any opportunity to be in crowded company. If you are in an unfamiliar environment among many people and do not feel very confident, find a single source that will help you to adapt and define "loneliness".
Do people sincere compliments - then they will begin to experience interest and some thanks.
To smile and ask questions - this will show your interest in the interlocutor. To communicate choose topics that are interesting to both of you.
Even if the person you are not familiar, imagine that you see it is not the first time, and communicate as if it were your family member or friend. Of course, this does not imply familiarity.
Sign up for oratory or acting class, and perhaps just training in communication, and you need tailored advice, and group classes.
Take dancing: free movement and the ability to control your body will help you to get rid of psychological discomfort.
Most importantly – learn to appreciate and respect yourself. Try to always look good, watch for their appearance. And the evening and the morning, looking in the mirror, pay attention to their most attractive features. You have no reason to be uptight and insecure.