So as not to stumble on the crooks and choose a reliable partner, try to find a contractor through friends. Call friends leading similar business and ask if they have in mind the desired organization. Be sure to ask what types of work the contractor performed for your friends and what are the pros and cons in its work was seen.
If you need company in your contacts of friends was not, go to a professional exhibition. This is where a huge number of companies that advertise their services. In addition to the cost of the work you will be able to see a portfolio of contractor and to communicate with the Manager on work with clients. It not only will tell you in detail about the company's activities but also share contacts customers who have already applied to them. By calling the above number, you will know whether they remain satisfied with the work.
Will announce the tender. This can be done on your company website or on portals that are created specifically for the selection of contractors. For example, this can be done absolutely free. And then organizations interested in performing work, they will find you.
By choosing a few contractors, give them a trial job. Enclose the contract for the provision of non-recurring services. Only real thing to check how well the particular partner.
In the process, create a situation which may arise when doing business. For example, shift time work, make adjustments to the tools, modify the plan. All this can happen in long-term cooperation. And now, in advance, you have to see and evaluate how the contractor copes with a particular problem.
Before signing a long-term cooperation agreement, discuss with the company representative-a contractor discount. For example, a large amount of work or commitment not to break the contact during the year. All of this should be spelled out in the documents approved by the heads of organizations.