To subscribe to the publication you are interested in, please contact the post office. At the information desks you will find a directory which is accepting applications from citizens and legal entities: the United catalog "Press of Russia" catalogue of Russian press "Mail of Russia" and the catalog "Newspapers. Journals" "Publications of bodies of scientific and technical information".
Select the signature options you journal, write its correct name, index and value. Then take on the client racks or employees of the mail order form periodicals and fill it: - "Subscription" type in the name and the index of the magazineand its name, name, patronymic, address of delivery, the year and month on which subscribed, and the required number of sets;- part of the "Carrier card", specify the same information as in the subscription, and the cost and type of publication: newspaper or magazine.
Pay a subscription in the appropriate window of the post office. Please note that "Mail of Russia" provides certain discounts:- 20% for veterans of the great Patriotic war and invalids I and II groups upon presentation of the relevant certificate;- 17% for the most popular Central Newspapers and magazines and 25% for urban and rural publications.
Delivery of written journaland can be completed on your home address and the address of the post office, so you can get it in person because the mailbox in the entryway, unreliable storage.
Not to stand in line for mail, use the Internet: on the official website of "Mail of Russia" click on the banner, referring to the online subscription, or go directly to the website either Sign up, enter your details, select the directory you are interested in the magazine, add it to your cart and pay for your subscription by any of these methods: credit card, electronic money, Bank transfer or in cash through payment terminals.
In addition, to write the journal in the publishing house via his official website, recommended subscription Agency or by phone. Such services are provided by specialized websites, but in the latter case, the cost will be higher: the facilitator you need to pay.