Advice 1: How to order catalog Oriflame

Faberlic is the largest Russian perfume and cosmetic company operating in the market of direct sales. The firm produces a unique oxygen cosmetics that captures oxygen from air, saturating them with the skin.
How to order catalog Oriflame
You will need
  • consultant;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
To obtain a catalog of cosmetics and perfumes Oriflame in several ways: via Internet, by mail and by phone from a consultant.
Browse the catalogue on the official website of the company on the Internet. To do this, click on the following link: Directly from this e - catalogand you can order cosmetics for face and body. Our products are delivered by courier free of charge in Moscow, provided the order for the amount of 700 rubles. You can also arrange the delivery by post, specifying the index and the address (city, street, apartment).
Download the directory to their desktop. Thus, you will always have at hand an assistant who will introduce you to the latest innovations that will appreciate the fresh images, and will also tell you where you can save. The catalog is available to users in pdf format on the resource "Yandex.People"
Order it on the official website ( or send my counselor an e-mail. Be sure to provide your name, ID, cosmetic products and the number of items (for example, 12345 – 5 pieces), delivery address and your contact phone number.
Order your catalog and products by telephone from a representative of the company. If you want to buy cosmetics and perfumes bought at prices of the stock (26% discount), please register in the section "Cooperation". The new consultant the opportunity to obtain a starter kit, which costs 150 rubles. The kit includes: "Book of success", catalog, price list, the book "fundamentals of cosmetology", as well as five samples of creams the basic series "Kislorod".
Consultants purchase cosmetics directly from the Agency point. These items more than fifty in Moscow. They are located near metro stations, allowing you to save time.

Advice 2 : How to order catalog OTTO free

Despite the development of the retail network of clothes shops, selling remains quite popular. This is especially useful for residents of small towns, where a range of local shopping centres limited. One of the most famous clothing catalogs in Russia is the directory of OTTO.
How to order catalog OTTO free
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Visit the online store OTTO at On the main page you will see a link to the online directories. Click on the "Browse directories". You will see a pop-up window with a list of directories available for the current season. Select one and click on his picture. This way you will be able to view it online.
If you would like to receive a catalogue in print, with the main resource page go to "Our listings". Click on the link "Order for free". Select from the options you are interested in and put next to it a tick in the appropriate square. For this it is necessary to click the mouse.
Fill in your personal data. Enter your name and complete mailing address, including region, district and zip code. For feedback if necessary, write down your landline and mobile phone, and email address. At the bottom of the page, you have to put a mark next to consent to the service terms of service. You can also choose whether you want to receive regular newsletters from the catalogue "OTTO" to your email address.
After filling all fields click on the "Order". As a confirmation to your email box will receive an email with information about sending you the directory. After some time (a waiting period may differ depending on the region) in your Inbox will come to your chosen issue of the catalog.
Next season, you can likewise order a free new directory.
Useful advice
After receiving a catalog you can order by post and on the website, in the Internet-shop "OTTO". Payment will be made the same way - cash on delivery upon delivery, but the second case, your order will be processed faster.

Advice 3 : How to order free samples of perfumes and creams

Before you buy some sort of cream or scent, it is desirable to use the probe of the product, to avoid disappointment from buying. It is very easy to do, because now many ways to obtain free samples.
How to order free samples of perfumes and creams

Where to find free samples?

To obtain samples of creams and perfumes in several ways. First, the probes are investing in magazines. Except cosmetic products, there are periodically there are coupons that can be redeemed in stores for full-sized bottles and tubes care and decorative cosmetics. Most often it is means luxury and not a cheap mass-market.

Secondly, the probes can be obtained for free in the perfume shops and pharmacies. Often they give the purchase, but sometimes you can just ask for samples of products from a pharmacist or sales assistant.

Thirdly, samples can be ordered and received by mail. In order to attract buyers, the cosmetic companies very often organize the distribution of free samples of their products for testing. In order to know about the upcoming mailing, you need to regularly monitor official sites of manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes. To be sections marked "test" or "free sample". On the English site, the sites need to look for free sample.
You can look for samples in Internet, but it is better to join a community or group uniting the so-called "freebie lovers". So you are exactly one of the first to learn about all of the new shares.

How to order samples?

Few find a website where you can order samples of creams and perfumes, you also need to correctly fill out the order form. If the distribution of samples produces a Russian company difficulties should arise. Formationally in the Russian language, is usually required to specify the name, home address, telephone number and email address. Sometimes the organizers ask you to answer some simple questions regarding the company's products.

Most often, the newsletter free samples satisfied the foreign companies, and in this case there might be a number of difficulties. First, make sure that Russia is on the list of countries in which the firm may send their products. Secondly, be sure to use a dictionary when completing the order form. Improper filling of some items can lead to the fact that you do not wait for any gifts.
Still there is one trick through which you can get the probes in that case, if Russia is not in the list of countries. In the "country" is a country, which in this list is, and your Russian address fully entered in the column "street".

However, one should not expect that the probes will provide a supply of cosmetics for the year ahead. According to statistics, until the recipient reaches only 15% of what is ordered. The part ordered is not dispatched at all firms. But most fail because of employees of the postal service.
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