You will need
  • Wrenches, thin flat screwdriver, large flat screwdriver, large notched screwdriver, rubber gloves, safety glasses, clean rag.
Working with the battery, you need to follow certain precautions since the battery pack contains harmful components and fillers - lead and the electrolyte based on sulfuric acid. Evaporation of volatile acids, and in addition can cause poisoning and chemical burns. Therefore, the first step take some protective measures - wear rubber gloves and goggles.
Open the hood of the car, if on your model the battery is in the engine compartment. Unscrew and remove the upper battery mount. Make sure that you switch off all devices that consume electricity, and loosen, and then disconnect the cable. Cloth carefully wipe the upper part of the battery, freeing it from dust, dirt and stains. The wet rag it is advisable to only use it if necessary.
Slide a thin flat screwdriver dust cover protecting cover sections of the battery from getting dirt on them, and, without much effort, remove it from the plastic latches.
Removing the dust cover, wipe with a cloth cap "cans" of the battery and Unscrew them a large figure with a screwdriver or by hand - depending on the model of the battery. Place a lid upside down to avoid contamination of the inner part of the battery when installing them in place. If this is not done, contamination can lead to the closure plates and the rapid scrapping of this important and expensive parts of the car.
If under the hood you will find maintenance-free battery, do not attempt to disassemble it yourself, right will go to the professional akumulatoriem. The only available non-specialist operation with this type of battery - independent replace it with the same or similar electrical characteristics, dimensions and location of terminals.
After finishing, dispose of used rags and rubber gloves, and goggles, wash with plenty of water.