About plastic skirting boards mostly respond well. Although most of the positive reviews somehow belongs to retailers and manufacturers. Consider what is good in them. Using plastic skirting can be around any corner of your room. Also considering the plinth is hollow inside, allowing you to reach underneath wires.
The disadvantages of plastic moldings is the fact that they are rather inexpressive, especially when it comes to wood floor. Well, no self-respecting designer to choose the plastic moldings to the expensive floor made of wood. These moldings look good only with linoleum.
Laminated baseboard is the most convenient solution for people who are going to lay a laminate floor. For this floor a better option does not come up, since every collection of laminate flooring manufacturers are also available plinths in color.
Veneer skirting is perfect for wood flooring, cork, parquet, and parquet and massive Board. It is cheaper than the floor, made of wood, and not so much deformed by moisture.
Hardwood moldings look the most attractive. Leading manufacturers usually release to their collections, parquet, solid and parquet Board, and also the skirting boards of the same wood. Therefore, there is nothing to invent: if you ordered the oak flooring, and skirting should also be oak. If a plinth is varnished, it will become invisible, but a neat solution.
Now it is necessary to deal with flowers. The easiest way to choose the plinth so that it was the same color with flooring. Then he will merge with the coating and will not be noticeable. In other embodiments rely solely on your taste or the taste of your designer.
Quite fashionable are white baseboards color walls. There are often extended above the floor at 5-10 cm of the plinth. Sometimes designers use white skirting combined with moldings along the bottom edge of the room – looks impressive, but absolutely not practical. In this case the floor near the baseboards need to be washed very carefully. But even with the most careful cleaning sooner or later all this beauty will inevitably be covered with dirt.
Contrast floor good when they maintain their color some elements of decoration of the room, such as textiles or furniture. If you do not follow this rule, the plinth will look in the room some strange, foreign object.