Color of the floor

Universal rule involves the selection of color skirting the color of the floor tiles. These can be elements in the tone of the cover and one or two tones darker or lighter. If you choose the skirting Board to match the tiles, formed a natural sequel to sex and the visual expansion of the area.

Selection of the color of the wall tiles is possible only in the case if you used a solid cover. Ornaments, floral motifs or abstraction tiled floor, not able to blend in with the skirting. In this situation, appropriate use of white floor, which will be the focus in a bright colour scheme and tiled floors.

When choosing a plinth in the colour of door it is necessary to consider not only the door material and color, but also the width and even thickness of the box. The plinth should be the same as mentioned above, only in this case will be able to carefully delineated space.

Choose the shape and size

Choosing the thickness of the floor, guided by the room size and ceiling height. If we are talking about the bathroom or the kitchen with low ceilings, give preference to the thin moldings in the tone of wall tile. As a continuation of the wall, they visually increase the height of the room.

Using a thin plinth in the room with a high ceiling is able to break the geometry of space. Note on a skirting Board or white contrasting with the wall color.

For the standard plinth areas choose a width from 4.5 to 7 cm.

Selection criteria – material

Steel and aluminum plinths are appropriate in conjunction with tiles if the room is minimalist or urban style. Manufacturers of skirting boards offer both the grey and colored solutions, which find the brightest hues, through the use of decorative films. Among the advantages of such moldings it is worth noting the durability and possibility of restoration and stability to temperature changes.

Plastic skirting is a leader in this segment. Such popularity is justified by the low cost and diversity of colors. Plastic skirting can be easily attached with glue or screws. Please note that plastic is not resistant to low temperature and fairly quickly loses its attractive appearance.

Exclusive solution – ceramic plinth. Decorative elements made of ceramics is made for expensive collections of tiles and mounted with tile adhesive. Significant disadvantages are the difficulty of replacement in case of damage and high cost.