For lovers of theater the city has several groups. For those who prefer dramatic productions, will be interested in visiting State national theatre of the Udmurt Republic. For those interested in classical music and dance, opened in the city of the Udmurt Opera and ballet, where in addition to his troupe regularly performs and artists from other cities. In addition, classical music is also represented at the Philharmonic and the city Academic choir.For those interested in the history of the city and region has a national Museum of the Udmurt Republic. Lovers of history, military Affairs, and also interested in modern weapons, it is recommended to visit the exhibition of the weapon of Kalashnikov name. Also in town there is the fine arts Museum and private exhibition center "Gallery". where can you find works by contemporary artists.Children and adults will be interested in the local zoo. It is located in the Park near the Izhevsk pond. The zoo is divided into several zones, organized by the geographical distribution of animal species. For example, in the area called "White North", located in the cages with the polar bears and other animals of similar habitat. In addition, the city has several parks and gardens, suitable for Cycling and Hiking. These include a Summer garden. Gorky, as well as the Park of cosmonauts.In Izhevsk have been preserved several architectural monuments Dating back to the early period of the history of the city. For the tourist can be interested in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in the twenties of the nineteenth century. The basis for the construction of was taken St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt. The entrance to the Church is free, currently it belongs to the category existing.