1.The square is the Central square, where celebrations and other important events of the city. On the square is the famous statue of Lenin, which has the shape of a head and weighs 42 tons. The monument is a favorite meeting place of many people.

2.Lenin street, popularly called the Arbat. This street is filled with merchant houses and mansions that are monuments of architecture with its unique history.

3.Holy Odigitrievsky Cathedral. This is the first stone building in the city, a great example of Siberian Baroque architecture. Cathedral in the city centre on the banks of the UDA.

4.Ethnographic Museum of Transbaikalia. One of the biggest museums in Russia, located under the open sky. The Museum consists of several complexes, numbering over 10 thousand exhibits. In the Museum you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of everyday life and living of the peoples of Transbaikalia 18th-19th centuries, Also in the Museum is a small zoo with animals you can feed with it.

5.Ivolginsky datsan. This is the largest Buddhist complex is located in the village of Upper Oriole. Datsan is one of the centers of Buddhism in Russia where you can visit one of the service-khurals that are held daily. Here pilgrims from around the world. Here you can visit and see the incorruptible body of Hambo Lama Itigelov. Also on the territory of datsan you can buy lighted Souvenirs and taste national cuisine.

6.The city history Museum is located on Lenin St. in the house of the merchant I. F. Goldobin. The Museum features many exhibits from the history of the city. There is a hall with samples of weapons, as well as the exhibition dedicated to the history of Buddhism.