Check the fluid reservoir, brake lines, hoses and fitting connections for leaks. View from underneath the car, there are no stains of brake fluid.Inspect tires, wheels and drums of brake pads wheels. Pay special attention to the condition of the brake pads. If it's frayed, it may lead to increased consumption of brake fluid.Also check the condition of brake cuffs of the wheel cylinders. If they are worn, wheels are removed, traces of fluid leakage.Start the vehicle, put the shift lever in the neutral position, then press and hold the brake pedal while idling the engine. If the hydraulic brakes have a fluid leak, the pedal will gradually sink. If the pedal immediately come to the floor when pressed, therefore, failed brake circuit.Inspect the hydraulic system of the brakes. If there is no external fluid leak is not detected, then there are problems with the cuffs of the main cylinder.If the search yielded no results, leaking brake fluid probably occurs through the stock master cylinder in the vacuum brake booster.Remove the nuts attaching the brake master cylinder, remove it from the collector and inspect for leakage. If the inside of the collector it was discovered the brake fluid, it is necessary to change the brake cylinder.Verify that the master cylinder, it shouldn't be cracked casting, deformation or swelling of seals cylinder and piston. In the event of damage to the rubber components disassemble the hydraulic system and clean all parts with alcohol, clearing them from contamination.Put new hoses and gaskets. Replace the brake pads if they showed up brake fluid. Assemble the system and fill it with liquid. Bleed the system by lifting the car.Remove the bleeder valve dust cap right rear wheel. Put the choke up and put it in a glass container. Ask the assistant to press some times a brake pedal. Tighten the nipple after out air and old brake fluid will be flushed (it is usually darker than fresh). The fitting should be tightened while pressing the brake pedal.Repeat this procedure for the left rear wheel then right front and left front wheels.