You will need
  • - the certificate on the regional parent capital;
  • - the passport of the mother;
  • - certificate of mandatory pension insurance of the mother;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - documents proving the financial situation of the family (depending on region).
Discover is accepted in your area the local law on regional maternity capitalE. If not, wait for its adoption: it is possible that when this happens, the payout will rely you, use the money owed to you including for the purchase of the machine. If Yes, please specify eligibility for regional maternity capital you (in most regions where the relevant laws have been adopted, the number of inhabitants entitled to this form of support than candidates for the same Federal payment) and whether buying a car among the options for its use. Source of information will serve as the social security authorities in your place of residence, authority sites (social security administration) of the region, local media reported.
If you are entitled to the regional maternity capital, contact the Department of social protection at the place of residence to Refine your list of required documents. Will need at least the mother's passport and birth certificate of children, proof of them and of the applicant citizenship of the Russian Federation and the documents confirming the income of the family. For example, in Rostov and Kaliningrad regions eligible for regional maternity capital tied to local living wage: if the family member has more than the maximum amount (in the Kaliningrad region of 3.5 the subsistence minimum), the money will not give. The residents of the Kaliningrad region will also have to prove that they had no housing outside the region. In detail ask the employee of social security on the requirements for each document in relation to your case.
Prepare full package of documents on the list that you will receive in social security, and in accordance with the requirements imposed on them. Bring the documents to the Department of social protection of the population.
In put your regional legislation of the term will receive a certificate at the regional maternity capital or other document confirming the right to a payment if his results provided for your region. Or use a different method of obtaining regional maternity capitaland in accordance with the instructions received in social security.
Learn in management of social protection of the population about the order of the expenditure you are due funds for the purchase of the machine. The order of implementation of the regional maternity capitaland in every region of Russia. If possible, try to get this information also from independent official sources: on the websites of bodies of social protection and the oblast administration (the adoption of the law on regional maternity capitale and all the changes in the procedure of application there is usually quickly reflected). In the case of disputed questions you can always appeal against actions of workers of social security, if it considers that those infringe on your rights in the parent organization and the Prosecutor's office.
Act in accordance with the instructions for implementation of the maternal capitaland obtained a social security or other competent organizations.