Wait for the officer will be slashed on an administrative offense and present it to you. As a rule, the document is prepared on a standard form, which introduces specific data. All main data are recorded in a Protocol officer, you only need to write your explanations.
Before you can write an explanation in Protocole, please read the text. Pay particular attention to the description and qualification of the offense that you are charged with.
If you notice an error in the Protocole - put wrong date, incorrectly listed your name, surname, patronymic, or other information - no need to draw the attention of officials who drafted the document. All the shortcomings of the Protocoland will play in your favor when considering the case and can cause you will not incur any liability. In addition, you are not obliged to control the correctness of the Protocoland, as you have the right to read it.
However, if the facts of the case outlined in Protocole is wrong and not in your favor, it is necessary to write in their explanations. In General, if you have a finished case that would justify you, describe it completely. In the form of a document places it may not be enough. In this case, ask for more leaves and Protocol, e write how many sheets you enclose with your explanations.
If you need time to rethink my position on the matter, explanations and just use the phrase "With a sane offense does." In the future you will be able to apply for legal aid to develop a competent position that will represent in the proceedings.
Blank lines in the column reserved for the explanations of the person against whom the composed Protocol, draw a line through so that there was further impossible to insert anything.
Sign your explanation.