Raise the level of customer service. Organize your service so that visitors feel comfortable about yourself. Do not make customers to wait long for order fulfillment, follow administrator answering calls and receiving guests. If a person wants to book a room, but can not get through, he is likely to go to another hotel. So do not allow yourself to miss visitors. The proprietor is unlikely to be able to keep track of everything alone, so you need to control staff through bonuses and penalties, which will increase their incentive to welcome their clients.
Create a website to your hotel. Given the high level of competition in this area, promotion of the Internet portal is best left to a specialist. On the website organize service that allows customers to select individual terms of being in the hotel. Give the guests to choose for them nice things-like filler cushions, color linen, a preferred meals. This will allow you to provide each visitor a unique experience, where will he live on his own terms.
Attract customers with children. Not every hotel can boast of the ability to organize a decent rest of the customers with kids. Make the play area take on the staff of several nurses and enable in the menu of baby food. With this you will cover a large range of clients who are unable to obtain proper service in most Russian institutions.
Do discount cards for regular visitors and organize the week of discounts on your services. For customers who regularly visit your hotel, you need to build a reward system. Make small pleasant gifts that will allow you to count on an additional influx of guests.