Before replacing any of the lamps of exterior lighting, Chevrolet Aveo , be sure to unplug the wire from the negative terminal of the battery.
To replace the bulb for the main beam remove the cover of the headlight by pushing the two spring pins. Disconnect block with wires from a cartridge of a lamp of a headlight. The spring pin turn, bringing the ends of the hooks on the headlight housing. Pull out the lamp.
Because halogen lamps are heated to a high temperature, and touching them with your fingers leaves traces, which it can burn, wear gloves. If you accidentally touch the bulb, wipe it with a cloth soaked in alcohol.
Insert the new lamp without touching the bulb with your fingers. Make sure that the tabs on the headlight housing entered into holes in the lamp socket. Turning to place the spring pin, hook the ends of his hooks, located on the headlight housing.
The pad wires connect to the bulb holder. Refit the cover and fix the lights. Lamp low beam replace the same way as replacing the bulb far.
To replace the bulbs for the Parking light push on the spring clips and remove the cover from the headlights. Pull and remove the cartridge with a lamp of dimensional light from the headlamp housing.
Remove the burnt bulb from the socket. Installing the new lamp, put the cartridge in place. Then lock the lid lights.
To replace the lamp front turn signal, turn counterclockwise and remove from the housing the cartridge. Push the bulb and also turning it counterclockwise, remove the cartridge. Insert new lamp, lock it by turning to clockwise.
Getting to replace rear tail light lamp, provide access to it. To do this, open the tailgate. Then fold the edge of the upholstery. Two plastic latches on the top of the bulb holder tail light squeeze so they are out of attachment to his body.
Pushing the faulty bulb, turn it counterclockwise and then remove from the holder. Insert the new bulb holder and lock it.
Returning all items to their place, first insert in the lamp housing lower part holder and then the top and secure. Refit the trim.