You will need
  • Internet Explorer 9.
Start Internet Explorer. If your desktop is no shortcut for this program, open the main OS menu and in the search query box, type the name of the application. However, it will be three letters int to link to launch the web browser appeared in the first line of search results. Click it.
Open the browser menu section "tools". If the menu is not displayed in the application window, press the Alt key. It will appear under the window header. Under "Service" choose the most difficult worded item - "Settings modeand representation of compatibility".
Check the checkbox labelled "Display all web sites in modee presentation compatibility"when the screen displays a window with settings of this mode. In this way you enable the "hard" variant modeand compatibility - the browser will use it for all pages, even those that don't need it.
If you put a checkmark in "Add the updated lists of web sites from the web site", mode compatibility will only be used for those sites, which is incompatible with this version of the famous browser by Microsoft Corporation.
You can create and own list of sites to which you want to use this mode, recording all encountered pages that appear to be distorted. This can be done using the field under "Add this web site" and click "Add".
Click "Close" in the dialog box that Internet Explorer started to use your changed settings.
There is another, more simple possibility to include mode compatibility at the right time. When the browser opens another page, he tries to assess compatibility. If for the normal display, in his opinion, requires the inclusion of this modeand in address bar there is a icon with a stylized image of a torn in half page. Click this icon with the left mouse button, and the browser activates a mode of compatibilityand change icon color from white-gray to blue.