The error text "Not a valid Win32 application" appears on Windows operating systems when you try to run an application that is not intended for use in the system from Microsoft and was created for OS other families – for example, Linux. Thus, if the program is not suitable for Windows, you will not be able to run it and you will have to download a different version of the utility.
This error can also occur if the program file was damaged during download, unpacking or installation. If the utility were successfully unpacked, but then it does not start, uninstall the program and then re-install it using the installer file.
If after you reinstall you get the same error message, you'll need to download the installer file again. To do this, locate the Internet right program and then try loading it from the site without interrupting the process and without closing the browser window. After downloading is completed run the file and perform the installation again.
When you see the error message after downloading the new file, try downloading another version from another resource on the Internet.
Try running the app in compatibility mode. To do this, right mouse click on run the executable file and click Properties. Go to the tab "Compatibility" and check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode". Then select an earlier version of the operating system and try starting again.