You will need
    • chicken breast - 3 pieces;
    • egg - 2 pieces;
    • potatoes - 2 pieces;
    • salt
    • pepper - to taste;
    • mustard - a pinch;
    • garlic - 2 cloves;
    • vegetable oil;
    • tomato;
    • lettuce.
Wash the chicken Breasts and allow to drain water. Before cooking dip them with a napkin or towel. Removing excess moisture is an important condition to preserve the juiciness of the meat. Liquid during frying reduces oil temperature and prevents quick formation of crust. Resulting in the Breasts losing their juice.
Whisk meat hammer until tender. Here the main thing not to overdo it as from chicken breast muscle soft. In the end chops fillet shall not show through.
Mix in a bowl a small amount of vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) freshly ground pepper, a pinch of mustard and finely chopped garlic. Brush this mixture of chicken. This will give chops a savory flavor and aroma when frying will keep the juice inside the meat.
Peel and grate the potatoes.
In a bowl break 2 eggs and whisk thoroughly with a whisk.
Dip chops in egg, then in grated potato. Fry on a very well heated pan. She must be so hot that the meat has cooked on each side for 2-3 minutes.
Salt chops frying on each side after the formation of the crust. If the salt to use in advance, the meat will lose a lot of juice and get dry.
Serve chops to the table, garnished with sliced tomato and lettuce.