Straightened his shoulders talking about the responsibility and determination involved - the irritation and lowered about the cargo pressing problems.
Hands folded in the "castle" as well as crossed legs or chained his arms reflect emotional tension, stiffness and lack of transparency.
If you talk you saw that your companion covers her mouth, it means he wants to hide his true intentions, and if you scratches or rubs his ear - he doesn't want to listen to what you say. Touching the neck during a conversation is interpreted as disagreement or doubt.
If your partner throws your hands behind your head - it means that he wants to discuss. When the listener gets tired or bored, he will be in the back of the palm cheeks, tapping fingers on the table or feet on the floor. If during the conversation the man begins to carefully collect visible or invisible lint off his clothing it means he doesn't agree with you, but not telling you about it for some reason.
If the man props his cheek on his hand, resting the index finger in the head, it means he appreciates your words. Stroking of the chin - a gesture, saying that people trying to make a decision.
Some people bite their nails, pencils, pens. This is interpreted by experts as an unconscious attempt to return to a safe and serene breast period. The fingers or other objects in the mouth in the mouth talking about the hidden need for approval and support.
If the index finger is directed to the temple, and large - supports the chin, it indicates a negative or critical thoughts of your interlocutor. The longer one sits in this pose, the longer it is maintained the critical attitude.
Hands on waist - aggressive gesture, indicating a strong commitment to action.
Zakidyvanie foot to foot means expectant attitude, but this gesture must be seen in the complex. For example, if a man sits opposite you with my leg so as to form a corner - it gives it a stubborn man with a fighting spirit. If he grabbed the leg with his hands - he's very uncompromising, and you'll need many arguments to convince him.
If a man sits imposingly lounging, this means self-confidence or a slight disregard for the other party, but it is possible, and fatigue. Style to sit on a chair "riding" gives an aggressive and defensive position. When the source is sitting on the edge of a chair, it speaks of insecurity, fear, willingness to leave.