Specify the name and surname of child date of birth. Here you can write whatever it is called at home, this information may be useful for the teacher to approach the kid.
Describe how the child accepts the food: favourite and least favourite foods, if carefully chews food well uses Cutlery, perhaps he is bogged down or poprivate tutor it is important to know everything.
If the baby is allergic to any foods or household chemicals – be sure to include it in the feature. Also allergies can be to medications, this also should be aware of those who will be responsible for your child.
Then describe your favorite games and activities kid: what he is interested, and that causes difficulties how much he is diligent and capable of learning, is critical in the evaluation of the results of the tasks, independent or requires assistance. Try to assess whether or not a child is organizing the game itself and which assigns a role in this, does he need the help of adults, loves to play with other guys, how to solve conflicts.
Characterize the self-help skills of the baby: if he could dress and undress, buttons if buttons, can eat by themselves. Optionally, specify in the description, does he have a wish to keep clothes in order and clean.
Specify in the feature, can the child awake during the day alone or does he need the presence of an adult as he sleeps: calm or anxious.
Describe the nature of the baby: careful or careless, introverted or outgoing, independent, or likes to help, energetic or diligent, easy to contact or not, brings the matter before the end of time or all at once, takes part in all the activities, or prefers to stay on the sidelines.
Add other information that you think is important. Maybe it's bad habits, conditions of upbringing, etc.