To minimize "Joe blow" will help the training. Going with the dog for a walk, grab a can of water and spray. When the dog barks, spray water in his face and say "Quiet." If you are at home, pour some water into a glass and, if necessary, do the same. Again, pour water and put the glass so that the dog saw him. After the barking stopped, encourage your pet with something tasty. Pour in a glass of nothing but water and try not to get the dog in the eye. Do it all the time. Soon enough your dog will learn to behave properly. It is important that the result is achieved without the use of any force.
With constant and annoying barking in the street to try to cope by teaching the dog to bark on command. This is not difficult. Give the command "Voice" and force the dog to bark, showing, but not giving him a piece of food or a toy. Barked, praise, give treat. After the team of "the Voice" is mastered, make it silent at the command "Quiet". Take your dog on a leash. Signal "the Voice." At the right moment, say "Quiet" and make it so that the dog could no longer bark, for example, just holding her mouth with a hand. Praise, encourage treat.
Many rightly annoyed if the dog is barking came home a guest. For training you will need assistants. The dog should not know them. Pre-agreed with them about the time of their coming. Shortly before put on the dog parfos with a long cord. After the door knock or call, let the dog bark a little. Then give the command "come" and pull the cord on the parfos. Say "Sit". Let the little dog sit. Go with him to the door and again seat. Don't let him bark. Open the door and admit the visitor. Do not allow the dog to jump on guests and barking. Together with the visitor go into the room. Place the dog. After a few minutes of release.