Shopping for fur coats it is better to go to specialized stores and fur salons. They risk to run into the product is low quality is much lower than in the market or in questionable shops.
To determine the quality of a mink coat, expose it to scrutiny. Fur of good quality feels soft, smooth, supple, and always with a thick, dense undercoat.
Disassemble fingers fur hairs and undercoat and look at the color and quality of leather. It should be light in color, soft and elastic. The dark color of the membrane suggests that used for sewing of fur coats fur is old and long socks to expect from him is useless.
The main indicator of the quality of the fur is touch. Run your palm across the surface of the fur on the growth direction of the NAP and against it. Fur of good quality will leave feeling silky and soft, and lint will quickly return to its original position. And from the fur of poor quality will remain a sense of setinstone and the villi acquire a disheveled look.
Quality mink coats are thin the fur dressing. It is the softness and tenderness of different luxury mink from a cheap knockoff.
Manufacturers of quality mink coats always leave the lower edge of the lining free. If the edge of the lining is sewn, it may indicate a poor quality fur coat, which is trying to hide.
Look at the wrong side of the tanned skins and rate the quality of joints. Skins between them needs to be stitched, not glued. Stitched stitching should be smooth, strong, accurate, without Burr and Makhrov.
To determine the quality of a mink coat will appreciate the lining. Quality products lined sewn from good fabric and is customized in size.
The colour of the fur can be checked by swiping the surface of the fur with a shred of white cloth, moistened with water. Quality painting will not leave fabric residue.