Sooner or later the person is passionate about growing houseplants, decides to group them in a spectacular ensemble. To own hands to make a beautiful stand for flowers, you can use any durable material: wood, metal, bamboo, plastic.

How to make a stand for flowers made of bamboo?

Natural bamboo is uneasy to buy, so for making the rack, you can buy plastic imitation. You also need to prepare 2-3 boards with a width of 15-20 cm of solid wood (beech, hornbeam, larch, oak), steel wire cross-section (2-3 mm), fasteners (screws, nails). The rack must be a composition of two legs in a section of 40-50 mm, the height which is 2-3 cm more than the height of the room, 2-4 wooden shelves and several metallic holders for flower pots.

Steel wire rolled into a ring with a diameter of 35-40 cm, with its outer side is attached the bamboo. Should get a solid round pillar. Trunks can attract to each other using fishing line, thread, thin wire. Connection points of the bamboo must be at least two: the bottom and top supports. Similarly make another rack.

Boards sanded on all sides, they drill two holes the diameter of which slightly more than the cross section of bamboo supports. Wood paint or varnish. After it dries, put on the shelf uprights and fix them at the desired height. For example, the bottom can be set at a distance of 50-60 cm from the floor, and the upper 40-50 cm from the ceiling. Attach the Board using wire.

Then rack for the colors set in the right place. To secure the ceiling in this drill hole depth of 1-2 cm, corresponding to the external diameter of the supports of bamboo. In these grooves are fixed is cut from the tube circles. For this you can use any suitable adhesive or Assembly foam. Support set in the holes at the same time urging them to have sex. On the wall next to the reception and on poles attached metal holders for flower pots.

What should be the stand for flowers?

The main requirement to the flower stands for stability. These designs must be durable, covered with a protective material. Wood is impregnation with antiseptic properties, for metal – anti-corrosion primer and paint. Plastic additional processing is not needed. All elements of the stand (shelves, holders) must be securely fastened, as they will have to withstand weight.