You will need
  • Gypsum, water, starch, salt, sandpaper, gouache, frame.
To order the production of casts in a workshop or Studio. Stores sell special kits by purchasing that, you are easily able to make a memory gift "foot" of the crumbs. The kit usually includes a gel forms and a special composition for the mold. The gel is poured into the mold, then the surface is applied to the handle or leg of the child. The resulting shape is filled with a plaster composition, which after complete solidification is getting a plaster cast.
There is another method of making casts. Salt knead elastic dough. 1 Cup of flour and 1 Cup of salt, take half a Cup of brewed starch. Starch brew: 1 tablespoon of starch, dilute in half a glass of cold water and pour in 1 Cup of hot water. Take half a Cup of the resulting solution on it and knead the dough. The resulting dough, divide into 4 portions and make flat cakes with a thickness of 3 to 4 cm and a length equal to the size of the legs and arms of the baby. Pellets put in a container, in a bowl. Then take the baby in her arms and gently make imprints of his hands and feet on the tortillas.
Buy a regular plaster. Quickly mix it with water to the consistency of sour cream and pour into the resulting child transactions. When the plaster completely hardens, remove it from the mold and gently finish the edges with sandpaper.
Then connect the imagination and using gouache paint, the resulting casts. To issue commemorative "feet" your child can be in a beautiful baguette frames, adding to picture funny picture, tag from the hospital and a cheerful poem. Also, if you wish, you can make casts of the hands of the parents of the little toddler. Place them in a frame next to malyshovogo forms of arms and legs. This set will not only preserve your memories of the important moments, but also beautify your home.