Virtually all email services offer their users the possibility of increasing the volume of e-mail. Despite the fact that when you create an electronic box volume all users the same (usually, it varies from 100 MB to 10 GB), as required to disappoint.
Large capacity e-mail immediately after registration offers the postal service "Yandex". But as soon as it will be less than two hundred megabytes of free space, the box itself will increase your volume in gigabytes. It is noteworthy that the user this for nothing in addition to the regular authorization and access the site, you need to do.
Similar properties and mail service From the home page box, go to "Settings" located on top bar under "More". On the left side of the window presents the various subsections of settings. Select "mailbox size", then click "Zoom in". But this operation can be performed only if in the mail will be less than 100 megabytes. After increasing the size of the mailbox grows another two gigabytes.
200 megabytes – a start-up volume provides postal service "Rambler". Box it also can be increased, but only when he was ninety percent filled with letters. After a threshold is reached, it will be possible to pump up the box, thereby increasing its size. Go to "Settings", go to the "Size box" and click "Zoom in".
In the same way you can add to increase the capacity of the e-box and other mail services. Just go to "Settings" and find the corresponding item.