The hood may not open due to breakage of the spring. In this issue you can use one of the most common ways, but you will need a partner. Sitting in the cabin, pull the lever up to the stop and hold. And your partner is going to put pressure on the hood where the latch is.
If you are unable at the moment to find a helper, use another method. Pull the lever responsible for opening the bonnet, all the way up, then lock into position with some scrap materials (e.g., piece of pipe or thick sticks with a length of about 20 cm). Next in the line of "difficult" roads, type of pavement, the tram lines, rural location but not much carried away. During this "troubled" drive to the hood will open itself.
Spring may not be broken, but if it is worn out, it can also lead to jamming of the hood. Could weaken the cable. In such cases, you need either 1 to 2 turns to Unscrew the pin inside the spring, or tighten the cable, respectively. With cable, things are more complicated, because it is quite hard to get to. The outer casing is located near the battery. So, you need to loosen or completely Unscrew the bolt on the mounting clamp and then pulling the necessary distance shirt again and fix the mount. Keep in mind that fit so the cable will last for six months maximum, after which it is in any case will have to change.
In addition, you need to believe the condition of all functional parts. Clean if necessary the mechanism-the latch from the accumulated dirt, smear the plug on the bonnet and a spring. It's possible that the hood would not open just because of this. Then you will have the opportunity to avoid spending time on optional repairs.