Very often the swelling on the lips due to the body's reaction to colds. Perhaps in this case, and should not do anything that is against the tumor – treat your respiratory illness, and swelling will go away on its own. But some healers are advised to apply during the day to the affected lip and the leaf of Kalanchoe. To do this, it should be before applying the mash to drain juice. The same effect has, according to the healers, the Golden mustache.
Sometimes the lip may swell after the put strike. In this case, the situation is usually complicated by the presence of a bruise. To the place of the injury, immediately apply ice or make a compress of cold water. This will reduce the pain and relieve a little swelling. Try to use such widely-known tool like the real stuff. Ready – as the cream or ointment it can be found in any pharmacy. If you have only dry grass, separte it, and then in broth wet cotton pads or pieces of bandage, folded in several layers, and apply to the bruised places. Resulting inflammation you can also stop using an ordinary cabbage leaf.
One of the reasons of the tumor on the lip can be a viral infection – herpes. To relieve swelling, you should buy in the pharmacy suitable ointment, it is better not to pull with it, because in the initial stage to get rid of such troubles on the lips pretty quickly, but if you delay treatment, the condition of the lips will get worse. In addition, it is not enough just to get rid of the effects of this virus should be treated and other medications you must appoint a physician.
Swelling of lips can result in allergic reactions. For example, if you dislike an antibiotic or some other drug. In this case, firstly, stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor for correct treatment. Secondly, you may prescribe antihistamines to relieve allergies.
Often there are times when the lip swells up after the man failed to squeeze a pimple. This occurs when the wound is filled in with the infection. In this case you will need anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ointments or lotions. If the means at hand did not help you, contact your surgeon or the dermatologist. You may have to cut open the abscess and prescribe antibiotics. These symptoms may indicate the formation of cellulitis, which is very dangerous, because the resulting pus can spread to other areas of the face. So don't self-medicate.