Advice 1: How to define a confident man

When people believe in themselves, it is immediately noticeable. He drew the attention of all his views: the straightened shoulders, don't tense posture, calm expression. Even if you're seeing this person for the first time, then after a short conversation, already understand what self-esteem he's all right. This is easily determined by external signs, and very rarely, when the impression is deceptive.
How to define a confident man
Confidence in yourself and your own abilities is primarily an inner feeling. Demeanor, visible from the outside, is primarily determined by what the person feels. If someone who was always quiet and timid, try to learn only the outward signs, he is unlikely to deceive others. Real inner strength people feel intuitively. So trust your feelings.
Pay attention to how the person moves. Confident people do not fuss, they are calm, sometimes somewhat slow, but not sluggishness, but as if from the awareness of the importance of each of their act of movement.
Listen to how people speak. Important signs are natural gestures and intelligible speech, which occur mainly affirmative sentences, and almost not present such phrases as "I don't know", "not sure." The volume level is such that the interviewee was most comfortable to perceive what was said. If it is designed for a large number of participants, we are confident people will speak loud and clear, and situations when it is better not to make any noise, his speech will be quiet.
A characteristic feature of a confident person is direct look, open expression, and the correspondence between the emotions that he experiences from those shows. Strong people are not shy to show its true face, and it attracts them to others.
Aggressiveness can be a sign of strength, but in reality it is an indication that the person is very afraid. The impudence, arrogance – all these qualities indicate that the aggressor in the depths of the soul is afraid that if he will behave safely, it simply no one will notice.
There is another important point that may be visible to others immediately, but after a certain time communication. Is the ability to go for their goals, not looking at others, do not hesitate and do not regret had to lose for the sake of it.
To accurately determine self-confident, it is important to know also the signs of insecurity. Soft speech, full of unnecessary explanations and details, a large number of hints, impersonal sentences, hesitation in the gestures: all this need to hide their wishes or demands, to present them in a veiled form. The position of such a person is usually unnatural, his shoulders are slumped and he looks into eyes, gestures too strong or almost absent.

Advice 2: How to raise a confident child

Low self-esteem brings a lot of different trouble for their owners. Such people usually have problems in the communicative sphere, which entail more serious breaches (both in personal relationships and in professional terms). That is why it is so important to instill in people the confidence in themselves, starting from childhood.
How to raise a confident child
You will need
  • - interviews with the child;
  • - promoting initiatives;
  • - respect the child;
  • - normal microclimate in the family;
  • - visit to children's educational circles, sections, etc.
Do not interfere with the undertakings of the child and always respect his desire to learn new things. Encourage any initiative, inspire confidence in their own abilities. If your child develops some skill, and always be ready to help him, but don't say you know how to do. Just are next, prompt, if needed. Observe the behavior of the child, his aspirations and desires. Do not try to limit it in games that don't insist on what you think is more useful for him. Give your baby a chance to decide what he wants to do (for example, music, sport or drawing).
I sincerely rejoice in any, even in your opinion is insignificant to achieve the baby. As for the child in any case is a big break.
Talk to your baby on a variety of topics: good and evil, about friendship, about mutual aid, about the attitude of adults about what adult life is and how it differs from childhood. Pay attention and sex education. Try to make your explanations in clear and understandable language for the child, do not prevaricate, be always honest. Children are very conscious of hypocrisy.
Listen carefully to his opinion on every issue, respect him. If a child is wrong, gently and without ridicule and reproaches, try to persuade him. All this must occur in an atmosphere of goodwill.
Engaged in the development of their child. Find time together to read and discuss an interesting book, watch a good cartoon or a fairy tale.
Never compare your baby with other children in their presence, do not become a mediator in the relationship between children, let them learn to communicate with each other. You only just in case of any problems you can gently correct their relationship.
Pay attention to your domestic relations with her husband. Keep in mind that children are very very upset by all the problems in communication with their parents. So try to show respect to each other, then the child will feel confident.
Consider the individual characteristics of your child. If by nature he is endowed with not too sociable by nature, do not scold him for it, and help to deal with this problem, training to eliminate communication barriers.
Do not isolate the child from other children, not keep it under a "bell jar", protecting them from all possible and impossible problems. The kid definitely needs to attend kindergarten, various clubs and classes.
Treat him as a person, and in this case it will be quite sure. And remember that happiness is too broad a concept to write the recipe on one sheet of paper. Importantly love your child, respect his rights, take care of it.
Remember that no expensive toy could not make up for the lack of parental communication with the child and make him happy and confident.
Useful advice
Never tell your child: "do you have, will not work. You are weak. You'd never learn it, etc."
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