You will need
  • - 3% alcohol tincture of iodine;
  • - "Antistrumin";
  • - physiotherapy.
Thyroid enlargement is accompanied by a decrease of its functions, which leads to a decrease in the intensity of metabolism. The first signs of deficiency of iodine is manifested in the reactions to events happening around them. Man "falls" asleep, it cannot be anything to motivate, to captivate, to surprise. He doesn't care, the good news is not good, not bad bro.
In the memory ceased to hold information, it becomes difficult to maintain a conversation. With the same amount of food, the weight began to increase. In spite of the care quality beauty products, skin become dry, appeared edema. Brittle nails and hair, which are not only split, but to fall out beams. All these are signs of overt iodine deficiency.
Then shortness of breath and heart pain, aggravated by the slightest exercise. Hearing loss, feeling of weakness, drowsiness, and chilliness complete the picture.
Besides the visual signs of lack of iodine in the body there are other methods of its precise definition. To start own you can try to check how things are going with the content of iodine in the blood.
The most simple, accordingly, not the most accurate – is to check the iodine mesh. Wet a cotton swab in alcohol tincture of iodine and paint a grid on the lower abdomen of size 10*10 lines of average fat content. Let it dry and go to bed wearing pajamas. If the grid disappeared completely, or half, there was a distinct lack of iodine. If the color intensity is preserved, then the iodine in the body in order.
But this method suffers from a too large error. It is therefore necessary to refer their suspicion to the endocrinologist. He will prescribe a blood content of thyroid hormones and to determine the level of excretion of iodine from the body (urine).
Only after determining these analyses will be aware of the content of iodine in the body. With a mild deficiency of this element is usually prescribed "Antistrumin". The duration of treatment can vary from 6 months to a year. Without a doctor's prescription to use such drugs impossible.