Very large and delicate caviar from Beluga. Smoky-gray color, the shade can change from dark grey to light grey, almost black. The size of the eggs from the Beluga 2-3,5 mm, and the shape is similar to ellipse. The membrane surrounding the eggs of this fish are the thinnest, so the eggs do not burst, but slowly dissolves in the mouth.
If the eggs a darker color, and size it slightly smaller than the Beluga, it undoubtedly belongs to the pink. In taste it has a light nutty undertone and can take about a quarter of the body of the salmon. It is believed that the eggs of this fish is the most delicious.
Sturgeon caviar is brown, greenish or even yellowish tint. Its size rarely exceeds 1 mm in diameter.
Caviar of stellate sturgeon is the most tasteless of all the others. Its color varies from gray to black, and the grain size is about 1.5 mm.
As for caviar, it is most often belongs to salmonid fish species. These include chum, sockeye, coho and trout.
Chum salmon caviar is the best salmon dish. It can be found in very large eggs – up to 9 mm and a characteristic yellowish orange hue. It is believed that chum salmon caviar has a very high taste qualities.
The red salmon caviar is small in diameter, bright red. As this fish species is found every year fewer and fewer eggs its not often appear in the sale. It has a spicy bitterness.
Less bitter caviar of king salmon. The size of the eggs she's also quite large – about 7 mm. because Of the special delicate flavor it is considered to be the most scarce and expensive.
Very similar to the eggs of sockeye and coho salmon caviar. Apparently they are quite easy to confuse, but when tasting caviar of coho salmon has no bitter taste.
The smallest eggs of salmonids in trout. Grain size is rarely up to 3 mm. its Color can vary from dark yellow to bright red. Compared to other types of caviar, its color is the brightest.
Pike caviar is very small, greenish-yellow color.