You will need
  • - screwdriver under the cross;
  • - the line memory;
  • - the video card.
Bad graphics capabilities of your computer usually associated with its weak configuration. If the computer is old, he is physically unable to provide an acceptable quality of work with modern programs that require high-quality equipment. Therefore, the only way to rectify the situation in this case is an upgrade of the computer.
You should know that computer performance is limited by its weakest link. This is usually the CPU, RAM or video card. So, if on your computer, for example, is only 512 MB of RAM or less, due to its increase can substantially increase the speed of your computer. If you replace lines of the memory it is better to put one in 1024 MB than for 512 two – in this case, you will have a free slot for future upgrades.
If the computer has a Gigabyte or more of RAM, but the graphics are still of insufficient quality, evaluate the capabilities of the processor and graphics card. Again, it is necessary to upgrade the weakest link. Overall it is considered that to upgrade the processor more economically advantageous than the video card, for the same investment performance increase in the first case above. But we must remember that computers have a different configuration, so the standard solutions here.
In that case, if you have a good enough processor or motherboard does not allow to put more quick, change the video card. When it is selected never focus on the most recent samples, as a rule, their price is too high, and soon, with the release of new models will be reduced. Economically feasible to take a card from the top of the list, but not the first. The same rule applies to the choice of processor.
Many computers sold at a minimum price, work with integrated graphics. In this case, the correct solution would be the installation of the graphics card. To add RAM or upgrade CPU go only in case if the installation of the graphics card did not give the desired results.
Search the Internet for information on upgrading your computer with your configuration – especially with your type of motherboard. Perhaps you will find the test results or a description of someone's experiences. This information will help you understand what kind of modernization needed by your computer in the first place.
Note that if all required drivers are installed on your computer. In particular, whether the cost drivers for the video card. Usually the graphics card came with an install disc. The motherboard also comes with a driver disk for a computer they should be installed.
The best performance of the computer will provide a 64-bit operating system provided that your computer's processor supports it. To understand this will help the program Aida64 (Everest): start it, open the "System Board" - "CPU". If the processor supports 64-bit architecture, in the line "Set of instructions" should be the entry of x86-64. But do not forget that not all your familiar programs will run with this type of OS.