Advice 1: How to prepare ice fish

The ice fish is quickly gaining popularity among chefs, despite the fact that and get it is not easy and it is not cheap. Its tender meat with a pleasant sweet flavor, easy to prepare, besides the fish simply cleaned of scales as she doesn't have. Recipes ice fish quite a bit, and you can choose the cooking method for even the most demanding taste.
How to prepare ice fish
You will need
Defrost and clean the fish. It will not be easy, as I ice fish not only has no scales, but very few bones. Remove the head, gills, tail and fins, gut fish. The resulting carcass rinse, gently Pat dry with a napkin.
If you decide to simply fry ice fish, add salt to the prepared carcass, roll in flour and fry in hot oil, away from direct sunlight. There is no need to turn roasting the fish to crisp the crust did not break. It is quite quickly prepared – no more than 15 minutes on small fire.
Fry ice fish can not only flour, but also in sesame seeds, season with curry. You have a fancy dish with an exotic Asian flavor.
This fish is tasty and just being cooked in water (boil for long, as she has a very gentle, easy to razvivayusheysya meat).
Another simple recipe – iced fish on a bed of onion. Prepared carcasses salt, roll in flour and place on pan on a large number of finely chopped onion. Fry everything in oil. Fish with flip is not necessary.
You can try and more time-consuming recipes. For example, bake ice fish with fresh cabbage in mushroom sauce. A handful of dried mushrooms, preferably white, boil. Plums in a separate bowl the broth, cut into small pieces and lightly fry in oil. In the remaining mushroom broth stew of shredded fresh cabbage, adding first a little melted butter, but for a few minutes until cooked - fried onions, salt, sugar and spices. The fish, lightly fry on both sides in hot oil. Then put in a greased baking dish, the braised cabbage on top of it – seared the fish, pour the mushroom pieces. All Bay sour cream, bake the dish in the oven until cooked.

Advice 2: How to cook spring rolls in batter

In Japanese restaurants serving mouth-watering seafood and rolls in tempura. To cook the rolls in a batter of flour tempuras can home. Enough to acquire the necessary set of products that you can find in the supermarket.
How to cook spring rolls in batter
You will need
    • nori sheets;
    • Fig;
    • rice vinegar;
    • sugar
    • salt;
    • water;
    • tempura flour;
    • egg;
    • cucumber;
    • crab meat;
    • cheese "Almette" or "Philadelphia";
    • fillet of salmon or trout;
    • wasabi;
    • soy sauce;
    • pickled ginger.
Boil the rice until cooked. Add a dressing of rice vinegar, sugar and salt, mix well. While the rice cools, prepare the remaining ingredients.
Cucumbers cut into strips and DAB with a paper towel, so you can remove the extra moisture. Crab meat finely chop with a knife. Raw salmon or trout cut into thin strips.
On a bamboo Mat lay a sheet of nori with the matte side up. Place the rice evenly, top to leave a strip. To make the rice not stick to your fingers, dampen your hands in water with vinegar. Season the rice with wasabi, to do this, RUB the strip in the place where you will put the fish.
Until the middle of the roll lay out the cucumbers. Sprinkle crab meat. In the middle put the strips of fish, grease them up with cheese "Almette" or "Philadelphia". If desired, add tobiko (flying fish ROE). Put the filling across the width of the roll uniformly, it is important not to exceed the edges and at the same time not to make them too thin.
Prepare the batter: whisk the egg, pour a little ice water, mix well. Temporo add the flour, whisk the batter with a whisk. Should get a mixture the consistency of pancake dough. Lumps are allowed, but it is important to whip the batter until bubbles of air, then you will be able to cook the rolls in the tempura in the restaurant.
Roll roll, slightly pressing it with a bamboo Mat. Brush the free edge with water and vinegar and glue roll. Cut it in half to make it easier to fry. Roll roll temporay flour. Then dip it in the batter.
Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet to cook the rolls in the batter. Put rolls in boiling oil and quickly fry until Golden brown. Allow to drain the excess oil.
Cut the rolls in the batter into three equal parts. Serve the finished dish with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. Rolls in tempura delicious in both warm and cold.
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