You need to rent a car

To hire a car, you need to follow several conditions. First, depending on the legislation and regulations of the company, the age of the driver must be at least 18 or 21 years. Secondly, as a rule, rental companies require a certain driving experience: from 1-2 years. Third, the driving license must be of international standard. Sometimes it turns out you can rent a car without it, but better not to risk and make international law.

Where to rent a car

There are two ways to rent a car. The first to come to the office and choose a car already in place. The second, and currently, it's much more common is to book a car beforehand on the Internet. The car will be waiting for you there, where you will arrive. Usually rent a car at the airport or on the websites of the major rental companies.

The market of car rental, as of tickets or hotels, has its aggregators – sites that you can find the best offer on rent at a particular location. You can search by price, type of car, conditions. Often you can find very best options, there are special offers or promotions. The most popular include aggregators such as,

How to rent a car

Here, as the hotels or tickets, the sooner you book the car the cheaper it will get. When choosing a machine for a few months you can save up to a quarter of the value of the whole lease. Usually, the longer the lease the lower the price.

There are sites with prepaid booking system, when you pay the whole amount at once, and there are those where you make a small Deposit. If you are unsure of your plans, choose the option from which to withdraw without loss.

Try to take a car with insurance. Ask what risks it covers, as well as in different countries it may vary considerably. It happens that the car is rented with a limit on mileage, so if you plan long routes, this option may not be suitable. If you have multiple drivers, make sure that they were all written in the contract.

When you take the car, then your card is blocked a certain amount of money (the amount depends on the company). When you rent a car, the amount will be unlocked.

It's a good idea to check the prices and for large companies and small. Is that small private companies offer cheaper cars, but it may be that the machines there are older or the insurance does not cover many risks.

It is also helpful to read the reviews of other travellers about selected companies.