You will need
  • "Find my face", learn the technique of makeup, cosmetics.
In order to learn the proper makeup needs to "find her face". Fashion gives you General advice, therefore, to copy someone's image should not be, otherwise you are doomed to failure. For this purpose in the East, comparing women to animals. She prescribe the same character and the same habits.
You must look deep into yourself and understand what animal is similar. Very important is the lack of helpers and advisers in this matter. This process is similar to meditation. Try to see yourself from the inside and understand what needs to change in his face, and what to emphasize.
Then apply to the face your drawing. Let him be inept and advanced, but in General it needs you to arrange.
Then rinse it and proceed to make-up a modern woman according to the rules. Lines and colors should be muted, and leave everything else the same.
Now you should master the technique of applying paint. Most importantly - a good Foundation that will help you to hide skin imperfections. It needs to look natural and have no difference color. Apply it evenly, starting with the skin under the eyes.
Then proceed to the eyebrows and eyes. Never dye your eyebrows dark ink. If you are pale, use a grey pencil. But if you want to lighten, apply eye shadow or powder. To make their eyes look brighter, use a lower contour a blue pencil or corresponding color shade. With the eyeliner lightly pull on the eyelid. It is best to century look of shade in neutral tones.
Eyelashes need to do is long and bushy with mascara. Blondes can use brown, blue or gray mascara and brunettes - black. However, if you're a brunette with blue eyes, mascara blue you need.
In conclusion, adjust the shape of the lips with a pencil or lipstick. It must be of muted tones, and on top of it you can apply glitter. For daytime makeup fit pale lipstick for the evening - bright. Choose blush according to the color of the lipstick, apply them gently from cheeks.
In order to learn to do right makeup can go on special courses. Where masters of their craft will teach you the nuances of this art.