You will need
  • - the act of proving the guilt of an employee in a simple;
  • - a reflection of inactivity in the forms T-12 and T-13;
  • - the order on transfer of an employee in a simple.
As soon as you become aware of the need to transfer the employee in a simple at fault, have a report that documents and as detailed as possible fix the circumstances that result in downtime and indicating the fault in this is worker. For example, if he broke the machine into the power of intentional or negligent violations of the technology.
If the employee refuses to sign the report, send the document by mail to his home address with a return receipt and list of enclosures.
If necessary call in a specialist who is competent to make the appropriate conclusion. The law does not require the act or examination. But if the employee goes to court or the labor Inspectorate with these documents, you will have more chances to prove his innocence.
Regardless of the reasons for idle it should be reflected in standardized forms T-12 and T-13, used off-budget organizations to track time and calculate pay. A simple fault of the employee is reflected in the digital code of "33" or letter "VP".
Prepare an order to transfer the employee to a simple fault of the employee. Strict legal form of this document is not quite suitable to be arbitrary. However, all the important circumstances it is desirable to reflect as much detail as possible.
Time not legally restricted. In practice, to optimally reflect the order the estimated time (e.g., one week for the repair or replacement of the extracted worker from the building equipment) that would be needed to eliminate the causes of downtime. If necessary, it is always possible to extend a simple or possibly out of the worker ahead of time. To do this, simply prepare a new appropriate order.