To finalize, use a desktop computer, in which there is at least one free PCI slot. Buy cost of a television tuner designed to be installed in such a slot. If you are using Linux, select the tuner that is compatible with the software package V4L, but if the computer has Windows card supported by Kastor TV. In the second case, download and install this software.
Unplug the computer and VCR. Open the cover of the machine body and install the card in a free PCI slot. Secure the Board with screw, then put the lid back on. The recorder must be disconnected from the antenna, TV and any other devices. After this, connect the body of the video recorder and computer with wire to equalize their potentials.
For supplying a video signal use a cable that has on one side a plug type SCART or RCA (depending on which connector applied in the VCR) and on the other - RCA or BNC (depending on the connector type on-Board tuner). On the SCART connector, use the following contacts: 17 - total, 19 out video.
Beep when overwrite will be seen by the tuner, and sound card. On the audio connector on the tuner do not pay attention - this is not the entrance and exit. From the VCR to remove the audio, use plug type RCA or SCART, from the sound card - mono plug standard Jack diameter 3.5 mm (1/8 inch). If there is no mono plug, suitable for stereo, which will need to connect the middle contact with the General. Turn it on only a microphone input - error output stage of the card may burn due to short-circuit the right channel. Apply a signal not directly but through capacitor of 0.5 UF (pre-discharged). If a VCR equipped with a SCART connector, use the following contacts: 4 General, 3 - sound output.
After finishing the Assembly, turn on the VCR and the computer. In Linux, run xawtv, Windows - Kastor TV. Select the program low frequency input. Install the cassette and start playback on the monitor screen the image should appear, and the columns are sound. If for shooting family archive you have used the camera format VHS-C, use one of its adapters set, which is pre-install a fresh battery. In the absence of sound, start the mixer, enable the microphone input and adjust its sensitivity.
Rewind tape to the beginning of the segment you wish to digitize, and start the program recording.