Download installer modification or re-pack version of the game. This will help to reduce the complexity of installation to a minimum: you only need to download the file and click "Start installation". In addition, filing a modification like this is some guarantee of quality and efficiency.
To install a new car download the appropriate archive and unpack it in any folder. Copy the contents of folder Maps and Models to their corresponding originals from the game directory. Please note that you are not adding new vehicles – just replace the old one, so it can go so that after replacing a dozen cars you will replace his own established models "second circle".
In order to change the characteristics of an established car, you need a program MafiaDataExtractor and RHAM. The first should be placed in the game directory, start menu, select aa.dta – Tables, and then click "Extract" (Extract). Then run RHAM, open the file vechiles.bin, which is just unzipped the folder and export it in file format .rcar of the archive modification.
In the second part of the series "the hidden" a number of opportunities, for whatever reason, is not available in the game. For example – advanced car tuning. In order to install this mod, you need to download a modification, replace the game files to the proposed (it is advisable to add the file to the exclusions of the protection system, because it can be defined as virus-infected). Open the attached modification .txt file and make a note of it console commands to activate features. Start the game, hit F12 – console appears, into which you need to enter the "cheats". Some of the features to activate through the console is not necessary – for example, mod Free Ride becomes available directly from the main menu.