Arrange to work as a freelancer. If you have programming skills, creating websites/blogs or you can write texts on a given topic, then this option is for you. Complete the registration process on the exchange of freelancers and offer customers their services. If you already have experience or completed orders in your field, be sure to attach them to the portfolio. This will help you quickly find loyal customers.
Start to publish articles on the stock exchanges. But if you have no serious skills, e.g. writing, start to develop in this thread. Lay out 10-15 texts in different categories on a daily basis. Improve your skills writing every day. Then it will be a high probability that you will notice potential customers. Later you will perform the work and get rewarded for it on your e-wallet.
Consider the option of earning on affiliate programs. There are information products in various niches. The authors of these courses are very beneficial to the partners, who will promote their products for a percentage of the real value. You can do the same.
Go to "Directory of affiliate programs", sign up for 1-2 of them. In a private office complete personal details and payment details. Then just use the promotional materials to publish them on the Internet. Potential clients will pass on your referral link to buy the product, and you will earn commissions.
Promote your goods wherever you can: social networking, blogs, forums, banners in the main part of thematic websites, newsletters on topics of niches, etc. This method does not require the first stage no monetary investment on your part. In the future you will be able to invest in the promotion of products, your earned money.