You will need
  • Coolant, means for rinsing the sink, basin or bucket, hoses, clamps, brush with a soft bristle brush, soapy water, rubber gloves, goggles, container for dirty antifreeze, rags, wrenches, screwdrivers.
Cool down the car engine.
Secure the hood of the car. Wear gloves and goggles. Wash the grille with a brush and soapy water. Drench it with water from a hose. Well she washes away the dirt from hard to reach places. Try to rinse with water and honey comb cooler. Do not use harsh chemicals.
Check condition of radiator cap. To keep the antifreeze inside the cooling system, it should be well worn, have rust. If necessary, replace the lid, picking up the new pressure in the cooling system of the engine.
Inspect the hoses of the heat sink and their attachment. If there are cracks and leaks, weak hose clamps, buy a new one. When flushing the cooler, replace both hoses, even in the case where air-tightness is violated in only one.
Substitute under a radiator valve, a bucket or a basin. Don't pour used antifreeze on the ground – the liquid is toxic. Use capacity that is not used for food.
Drain the engine coolant. Look at the color of antifreeze. If there is no scale and rust, wash the radiator is not required.
Flush the radiator. Close the drain valve. Fill the cooler with clean water, preferably distilled. Start the engine for a few minutes. Wash water drain into a basin or bucket. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to keep the water at the outlet was clean.
If the radiator is very dirty, add water, a special cleaning agent. Start the engine. Let it run for 15-20 minutes to flush the drug has passed across the cooling system. Drain the fluid. Flush the radiator at least 5 times, to avoid negative effects from exposure to chemicals.
Complete flushing of the cooler. Pour it in the coolant as necessary.
Start the motor for 15 minutes without closing the radiator cap to the pressure is too much is not increased. Turn on the maximum power of the heater compartment. When the coolant will be all over the cooling system, the air tube will come out of it themselves. Refill the coolant to the desired level.
Close the radiator cap. Neat! The coolant is already warmed up.
Check all connections that you have changed, to fit.
If you doubt that such work you on the shoulder, please contact the shop.