You will need
  • - special measuring ruler;
  • measuring the angle bracket.
If you don't have special measuring ruler, which is used to determine the size of the dog, make yourself a measuring square. Take two pieces of wood the size of 20-25 cm and 5 cm, glue them at a right angle to each other in the form of the letter "G", along a short bar stick centimeter measuring tape so that its zero mark was at the level of the bottom plane of the long bar. To improve the measurement accuracy, the inner side of the short bar, attach a small plumb – load on the cord.
Select the location where you will measure the height at the withers. She should stand on a flat surface on the floor, on the table (if it is a dog of a small breed) or at the site with firm and level ground. If you spend regular measurements of a young dog to control its development, spend them always at the same time of day, before feeding.
Put the dog directly. Determine where her withers – the highest point of the back, if the dog is quiet. It consists of the first five vertebrae of the dorsal spine. Visually it can be defined as a small elevation between the neck and the back of the dog.
The dog is not worried if you make measurements for the first time, let her sniff the tools. After the dog make sure that no danger for him they are not, proceed with the measurements. To do this, put a ruler or measuring area to the withers of the dog. The tool will overlap exactly on the withers, attach it so that it is in contact with the dog's body, but didn't press him. In long-haired dogs take the hair parted in the middle. Ensure that the ruler is stood in the upright position. If measuring area, the tape must not touch the plumb, it should be parallel and vertical.