You will need
  • - aerosol spray paint;
  • - white alcohol and cotton pads.
First pick up the paint under the body color of your car. When choosing the color of highly effective aid has a computer color matching and shade. Another way is to appeal to the dealer to buy the paint and paint it the color of your car. It will be more expensive, but as close as possible to the ideal. But even if you will not 100% match the color and hue is not scary! Sensors are installed low enough on the bumper. The difference between the shades is almost invisible.
The paint may be acrylic or nitro. Nitro is fast drying – 15 minutes of drying at room temperature is sufficient. But on top of a layer of a medium is required in the lacquer, otherwise the paint will quickly peel off. Acrylic paint dries at least 2 hours, but resistant to abrasion and does not require varnishing. Try to buy the paint is more expensive, so it does not peeled from the sensors in a couple weeks. It is very convenient to use paint in spray cans.
Complete with sensors sensors are rings-guide, is designed to keep the sensors in the bumper and positioning them in the right direction. And sensors and rings before painting wipe with white spirit to remove any traces of the marker and degrease the painted surface. Acetone for these purposes do not use – plastic may melt.
Several sheets of A4 paper will curl up tightly and put it on the rings so that between them remained some distance. Intensively shake the can for several minutes and spray some paint in side to clean the output nozzle. Color ring, spraying paint on them from a distance of about 20 cm, uniformly rotating the paper tube in a circle.
Consider the material construction of the body sensors. If the sensor is not initially painted and the surface consists of a simple black plastic type is polyethylene, it may be difficult. On such a surface the paint does not lie down and before painting requires a primer. Originally painted in black or silver color sensors to ground is not necessary. Before painting, remove the gloss, after a brief mating fine-grained sandpaper.
Take a sheet of cardboard or foam and make holes in it for mounting the sensors. Be extremely careful at the same time. The holes should be such that when installed in them, the sensors protrude above the surface of the sheet. Insert in the done hole gauges, set a piece of cardboard horizontally and spray paint as described above. Do not try to do too much layer of paint. Better color sensors in 2-3 layers on top and one circle with the sides. If the resulting marriage erase paint, white spirit and guide re-painting.