You will need
  • - paraffin;
  • - tanks for water bath;
  • - fat-soluble dye;
  • - wax crayons;
  • stearin;
  • - the leaves of tansy;
  • green walnut rind;
  • - the flowers of marigolds.
Before painting the wax will need to melt in a water bath. However, if you don't have this device, replace it with two pots of different sizes. Place the paraffin in a container of a smaller size and insert it into a pot of boiling water.
Once the paraffin is completely melted, remove water bath from heat and add dyes for wax produced in the form of powder, tablets or aniline dyes for candles or oil-based. The dosage of the dye depends on the intensity of the color of wax. It is better not to use a dye in high concentration.
Dyes for candles can be mixed. So, yellow and blue paint to get green, red and yellow – orange, and blue and red – violet. In order to avoid unexpected chemical reactions between the components of the mixture, add to hot melt inks of the same manufacturer.
For colouring of wax you can use wax crayons. RUB the crayon of the desired color on a small grater, add in melted paraffin and stir. Such a dye may dissolve unevenly, so after the melt will acquire a desired color, try to retrieve them it the remaining fragments of chalk.
Lovers homemade candles using natural materials to make the wax a desired color. The leaves of tansy will stain the melt in the green, green rind of the walnut can be used to obtain a Golden color. African marigold flowers known as marigolds or Tagetes, are used to get yellow. To color a pound of wax you will need two cups of leaves of tansy, or of marigold flowers. Walnut peel takes only half a Cup.
To extract dye from the leaves or flowers in paraffin wax should be added from ten to twenty per cent of stearin. The melt obtained from the scrap of candle, the substance is already contained.
Place the coloring material in a bag of loose fabric that does not contain components that may melt in the heated paraffin. Put prepared bundle in the heated on a water bath melt and leave it on for an hour. From time to time stir the paraffin mass for a homogeneous coloration.
Painted the melt has a much more vivid color than the frozen wax. To see how will look the result of your effort after hardening, place a drop of melted mass on a dense sheet of white paper.