Amnesia may be partial, when only some fragments of memory are not reproducible, and full when there is complete loss of memory. Also, the disease may be temporary, when the memory is lost only for a certain period of time, and constant, it is impossible to restore the memory.

There are cases where the amnesia is accompanied by mental disorders or side effects, in other cases it occurs due to severe head injuries. It is a sudden and severe attack when the person is not capable of anything to remember. In most people this disease is not manifest, as there is no reason. And some there are cases of loss of memory from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Moreover, with the regular repetition.

People who suffer from alcoholism or unbalanced diet, this disease has its own varieties. All because these images of life impair functions of the brain, lead to deficiencies of hormones and enzymes that can cause disease. Thus there is an unstable gait, visual problems, weakness and so on.

The usual causes of amnesia may become frequent or severe head trauma, heart problems, mental problems. They are divided into psychological and organic. If the problem is due to injury of organs, it can survive for only a few minutes or hours, it all depends on the severity of the damage to the body.

But if the injury was sustained as a result of severe mental stress, then the treatment will not be as simple.

In any case, you should immediately consult specialists, because amnesia can lead to terrible consequences, and a complete loss of memory – very scary.