Choosing on the market, touch the product by hand. Good liver moist, not sticky. The color depends on the variety of by-product. Beef - the dark, it is present on the film on pig liver for such a sheath there. Liver light color may mean that it was soaked or it was taken from an old animal. Ask the seller of the knife, pierce a product and look at the color of the blood that flows. If it is scarlet - can you buy fresh stuff.
Smell the liver. From the quality product emanates a pleasant aroma, should not be sour, and other odor. Look at it from all sides, you must find the brand that put a special service that checks goods before sale.
Take the liver in the hands. Good - has a shiny smooth homogeneous surface. Allowed veins that is not a sign of tainted product.
Ask the seller about the age of the animal whose liver you are going to purchase. As a rule, veal by-product has a light brown color and has a loose structure. Pork - there is a pattern of rhombuses. The amount of information on the age of the animal will not let you. The liver can be small as an adult, for example, if she was sick.
Remove the frozen liver from the tray in the store and inspect the package. It should not be damage, check the expiration date, usually specified on the back. Let's see what color the product. It needs to be uniform, no gray scale and dark spots.
Cod liver choose the banks, the date of manufacture which is stamped outside on the cover. Shake the container, there should be gurgling sounds.