If the registration of the pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed you the tone of the uterus, which is fraught with spontaneous miscarriage, and you have a serious gynecological diseases or other severe illnesses, you may be offered treatment in a hospital. Listen to the words of the doctor and do not refuse hospitalization, if you really want to carry a child.
In milder cases, except when the tone of the uterus you do not reveal any threatening normal development of the fetus abnormalities, the doctor is likely to prescribe outpatient medication. In addition to medication you might be also recommended to reduce physical activity and abstinence from sex life. Don't neglect these tips and regularly take prescribed drugs gynecologist — this will help you to avoid the occurrence of miscarriage.
To spontaneous abortion and can cause some chronic diseases, so be sure to tell your doctor about all your existing health problems. Consult relevant experts and to the pregnancy proceeded normally, strictly adhere to their recommendations. If need be, complete the full course of treatment.
Even if you are completely healthy, in the period of carrying a child, try to rest more, diversify your diet and try to avoid stress, injuries and heavy physical and mental stress, which can also lead to the risk of miscarriage. Regularly scheduled medical examinations and ultrasound — this will help to identify any, even the most minor deviations in fetal development.
If you have signs of early miscarriage: you began to be troubled with pain in the abdomen or lower back, you have a bloody discharge from the genital tract — do not self-medicate, and without loss of time to seek medical attention immediately. In many cases, the time taken by the experts of action can help to normalize the situation and keep the pregnancy.