You will need
  • citrus;
  • natural essential oils;
  • - fresh herbs;
  • - seasoning.
Solve the problem of excessive pouchette garlic at the stage of cooking. The smell of garlic is easy neutralized when combined with lemon and other citrus.
In the process of cooking garlic press and finely cut. You can not add it to food, but only to RUB the dishes with the main meal. By the way, if you use garlic only as a medicine, for example, for the prevention of influenza, it should really just swallow once daily, in the morning, without chewing.
Do not overdo the garlic, keep the measure. When used correctly, and diversity of the rest of diet it the smell is almost not felt. There are contraindications to its use, which is to see. For example, garlic should not be consumed in case of deviations in the functioning of the pancreas, as well as kidney diseases such as nephrosis, nephritis, etc.
Try to act like Spanish and French. When consuming garlic natural drink red wine and chew the twigs of clove.
Take the "arms" the experience of Indians. They decided to finish lunch of fresh thyme. In addition, read the recipes of Indian cuisine. It involves the use of refreshing herbs and spices in great abundance: cardamom, cinnamon, mango powder, fennel, saffron, etc.
Chew the crust of the lemon for 1-2 minutes and you will regain a steady breath. Cooling effect also will eating together with garlic, parsley, cilantro, mint.
After eating garlic, peel once again the teeth and use dental floss. So you remove any garlic residue from the oral cavity and retain its freshness. During the day, use mouthwash or a freshener for the mouth.
Sometimes during storage of garlic can be unpleasant smell in the room. Sort through the garlic, remove the damaged head. Make a wet cleaning, adding water a few drops of any citrus essential natural oils. This procedure will freshen the room and neutralises the unpleasant smellI.