You will need
  • - Canary seed;
  • - grain for forest birds;
  • - millet, dandelion seeds, canola, lettuce, wormwood, plantain and other herbs;
  • - fresh herbs;
  • - grated carrots;
  • - the egg and the shells from the eggs;
  • dried rose hips;
  • - dried nettle;
  • the seeds of thistles, of flax, sunflower and hemp;
  • - mealworms and the larvae of ants;
  • - water.
As the main feed buy at the pet store ordinary Canary seed or grain for forest birds, it is possible to take both domestic and imported. The mixture can include millet, dandelion seeds, canola, lettuce, wormwood, plantain and other herbs.
как поймать птицу щегла
During the year, fertilize goldfinch fresh herbs, for example dandelion leaves, mokrickiy, teasel, cornflower and grated carrot, mixed with white breadcrumbs, bran and grated eggs. Also, add milled in a coffee grinder egg shell, dry nettles, crushed corn, dry ground rose hips, etc. in order not to deprive the bird of that pleasure and in the winter, freeze finely chopped herbs in the freezer. This mash let the goldfinch 2-3 times a week.
как ловить ужа
Note that the goldfinches love the seeds of thistles, they can get all the stuffing of thorny case. However, before giving the seeds of goldfinches, better clean them from the baskets to avoid unforeseen accidents. In addition, necessary for the wellbeing of the goldfinch fats it can obtain from the seeds of flax, sunflower and hemp. Seeds let's not fried and not salted, slowly, as a delicacy.
если самка джунгарика наподает на самца
Try to vary the food of the goldfinch, add to the forage seeds of lettuce and wild herbs, for example, Timothy, dandelion. In addition, the goldfinches love the seeds of trees, pine, birch, alder. Sometimes treat goldfinch fresh apples or pears – just clamp the piece between the rods of the cage.
Какая птица любит семена репейника
To diversify the food of the goldfinch can be animal food. In winter, give him 3-5 meal worms a day, and in the summer bring from the forest ant pupae.
белизна и перекись водорода для бассейна отзывы
Feed goldfinches times a day, for example, in the morning. Just fill in the bird feeder daily amount of food about 2 teaspoons of the cereal mixture.
Don't forget about the water, the bird should always have access to fresh clean drinking. To do this, tap water stand for to erode the chlorine and the settled rust, and pour in a bowl twice a day. From time to time, wash the bowl with soap and water to avoid breeding of microorganisms and mucus.