Find on the Internet a special program to extract the firmware. The fact that many devices are tamper-proof, so often your actions can damage the health of the program. Especially if you are not familiar with programming. In this regard, it is recommended to use special utilities. So, for example, for Nokia designed Nokia Editor.
Download the app to extract the firmware to your PC and install. Mandatory check downloaded files for viruses, as such documents are often infected. Run the program after installation.
Synchronize your device with personal computers. As a rule, most portable and mobile devices are being sold with special data cables to connect to computer or laptop. If you do not, then you can buy it in special shop or on a radio market. Be sure to check on the place that the cable is suitable for your device.
Connect your phone to the computer and copy to a separate folder on the local drives of all information. This is necessary in case your actions to edit the firmware will result in loss of information. If your device requires a special program to view the data on it, then download it from Internet or install from the driver disk, which was completed with the device at purchase.
Direct the program for the model of your device, and then enter the address of the firmware location and press "Extract" or "Unpack". As a result, you should get the files in rofs2 or fat16 format, which can be opened for editing with programs such as rofs2, MagicISO or WinImage.